Why study cybersecurity?

With the high growth of Internet services, cybercrime has become a trend in recent times and therefore the demand for professionals in the area of information security has grown. Every day companies need more professionals to deal with cyberattacks or taking precedence over them. At CS-Academy our objective is to guide everyone who feels attracted to cybersecurity and provide them with an adequate education with the aim of training future professionals in this field, and contribute to a more secure technological advance.

Advantages of studying at CS-Academy.ORG

We offer training courses on GNU/Linux and ethical Hacking (offensive and defensive), which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, with 100% practical classes. We provide you with knowledge and skills, a perfect mix to fully develop your technical capabilities, and exploit the potential of hundreds of tools.



Personalized GNU/Linux and Ethical Hacking courses for individuals, companies and future Information Technology professionals.

Security Audits

Web Applications Penetration Testing, Services, Private & Business Networks, Wireless Networks, Technical Support of Computer Security and Consulting.

Forensic Analysis

Rapid Incident Response, Log Analysis, Digital Investigations, Data Recovery and Secure Erase of storage media.

Free Courses

Our GNU/Linux and Ethical Hacking courses are based on the experience of our instructors. With 100% personalized classes, using the modality of video-conferences where students can be in Direct contact with instructors and interact with other students in the class. We have flexible programs and a methodology capable of getting our students to achieve their short-term goals. All courses have their final (theoretical-practical) exam, which allows us to evaluate our students and award them a Certificate of Completion of Course as recognition.

Linux Essentials


  • Basic level
  • GNU/Linux distributions
  • Basic Commands
  • Permission Management
  • Users and Groups
  • Package Management



  • MSF Structure
  • Metasploit Database
  • Workspaces
  • Framework Modules
  • Recognition and Exploitation

Ethical Hacking


  • Toolkit
  • Recognition
  • Exploiting
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Backdooring
  • MITM Attacks

Hak5 Tools


  • Wifi Pineapple
  • Module Installation
  • Recon and PineAP
  • Attack Modules
  • MITM attacks
  • Wifi Password Cracking


Validate your knowledge and become a professional. Through the ATP program (Approved Trainer Partner) the LPI (Linux Professional Institute) allows us to prepare students for the LPI exams and grant them their certification. We are one of the LPI approved Training Academies.

Become a Professional

Linux Essentials

Show employers that you have the foundational skills required for your next job or promotion.

Security Essentials

Learn how to protect your data and reputation.


Become a Linux System Administrator.

Do you have questions?

Please write to us at info@cs-academy.org and let us know how we can help you.

The Team

We have a team of experienced and certified professionals in different areas of IT, all with more than 10 years of experience as instructors, system administrators and/or conducting penetration tests. Our team also collaborates actively with community projects such as Parrot OS Community, GUTL, FLISoL Events and Sysadmin Day, we create documentation, give talks and actively contribute to Open Source events. We are simply passionate about this world.

David D.

"System Administrator & Course Instructor"

Raúl A.

"Cybersecurity Analyst & Course Instructor"

Hack The Box ID

Benny O.

"Cybersecurity Engineer & Course Instructor"


Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the global certification standard and professional support organization for open source professionals. With more than 175,000 certification holders, it is the first and largest body Linux and Open Source Certification Vendor Neutral. LPI has certified professionals in more than 180 countries, offers exams in multiple languages and has hundreds of training partners.

Parrot Project

Our CyberSecurity academy has the support of the Parrot Project, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian Testing, focused on Security, Development and Privacy. The system comes with hundreds of pre-installed tools for information security professionals, digital forensic investigators, developers, and individuals who care about their privacy.

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